Transform Your Workspace

A hybrid work model requires a smart building

Organisations worldwide are reimagining workspaces to attract and retain talent and achieve business goals, such as a net zero journey. This requires technology that supports a true, dynamic hybrid work model.

The immediate challenge

How to balance safety and productivity.

How do I safely get people back to the office and provide the right experience, while really understanding how space is being used and occupied?

  • Employee safety is key to getting people back into the office, and the use of technology to monitor and report air quality helps build that trust.
  • Work, itself, is changing. In a hybrid world, we know that 98% of all meetings will have a co-worker accessing the meeting through video conference.
  • As companies continue to commit to net zero, buildings will need to be retrofitted and designed to support the supply of sustainable energy while managing energy demand.

A workspace you can trust

Cisco smart building technology is the foundation of your real estate digital transformation journey, in order to:

  • Use space as a strategic asset to attract and retain the best talent.
  • Support a secure hybrid model of on premises and remote working.
  • Allow you to manage and measure your space and its energy usage.

Why is a smart building an important part of your real estate hybrid strategy?

A Cisco digital infrastructure is the backbone of both your hybrid and sustainability journey. Because it:

  • Supports a safe return to work for the worker, while helping organisations truly understand their occupancy and space usage behavior. 
  • Enables seamless collaboration across distributed teams, locations, and organisations to support a hybrid model for both on-site and remote work.
  • It is the foundation for managing your energy supply and demand so you can realise and report on your net zero goals.

How do you build a smart building for Hybrid work?

  • Today: Wireless access points, sensors, and Webex end points can help you gain visibility into your occupancy, indoor air quality, and space behavior.
  • Tomorrow: The use of a digital network to support the supply of DC power, while managing the demand of your energy usage, will accelerate your net zero journey.
  • Smart buildings actively adapt to meet your needs. They sense vacancies and adjust for better efficiency—while your hybrid workplace adjusts dynamically based on space demand, and fully supporting a workforce that may be connecting from anywhere.

Industry examples

Cisco empowers your workers with hybrid work experience at home, in the office, or anywhere. Because work is not where you go, it's what you do.

Cisco Hybrid Work

Between your real estate strategy and your digital transformation, there's a bridge.