Extended detection and response (XDR)

Extended detection and response to find and remediate threats faster

Give your security operations team increased visibility and actionable insights to automate threat response across networks, cloud, endpoints, email, and applications.

Simplify your security to strengthen your business

Reduce alert fatigue while increasing visibility and gaining critical context for today's most damaging threats.

Detect the most sophisticated threats

Gain visibility and actionable threat intel with a multi-vector, multi-vendor approach optimized for open environments.

Act on what truly matters

Equip your security teams with effective threat prioritization, streamlined investigations, and evidence-backed recommendations.

Elevate productivity

Eliminate noise and ease the skill shortage with automation capabilities to boost your security teams resources for optimal value. 

Build resilience

Close security gaps and anticipate and prepare for future threats. Get stronger every day with continuous improvement. 

Get to security resilience with a holistic approach


Cisco SecureX

Consistency is key for strong security. Gain a unified view across your entire stack with SecureX.

Cisco Secure Endpoint

Stay ahead of the latest threats with simplified, automated endpoint security.

Cisco Secure Cloud Analytics

Achieve powerful network visibility to find sophisticated, covert threats, and suspicious behavior.

Cisco Secure Email

Get protection against damaging and costly email threats that compromise your brand and operations.

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Add value to your security solutions

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Instant savings

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Let the experts secure your business

Get more from your investments and enable constant vigilance to protect your organization.

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