Yamaha FZX Accessories LED Indicators
The LED blinkers have been priced at a premium

There are a total of 7 official Yamaha FZX accessories on offer

Yamaha has listed a range of official accessories for its latest offering, the FZX, which was launched only last week.

Customers can get accessories like a seat cover, tank pads, additional rear footrest, among others for the FZX from the Japanese brand should they wish.

Available at authorised Yamaha dealers, the seat cover has been priced at Rs. 300/-, while the tank pads, rear footrest and bike cover cost Rs. 400/- each.

Yamaha FZX Accessories Seat Cover
The seat cover enhances comfort, says Yamaha

To add to the neo-retro styling of the 150cc motorcycle, Yamaha also offers chrome mirrors, which have been priced at Rs. 800/- a pair. The crash guard costs the same as well.

Finally, the FZX can be fitted with LED indicators as well. A pair costs Rs. 1490/- and one would have to spend just shy of Rs. 3000/- for a set of 4, which is a bit steep.

Below are the official Yamaha FZX accessories –

Seat coverRs. 300/-
Tank padsRs. 400/-
Rear additional footrestRs. 400/-
Bike coverRs. 400/-
Chrome mirrorsRs. 800/-
Crash guardRs. 800/-
LED indicators (set of 2)Rs. 1490/-
All of the above are available with authorised Yamaha dealers
Yamaha FZX Accessories
Chrome mirrors might not suit the bike well, what do you think?