Cisco Intersight Workload Optimizer

Get a handle on your hybrid cloud

Lower costs, automate workloads, and optimize application resources across IT. Our real-time decision engine for hybrid cloud environments helps you do it all—from one place.

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More order less chaos

More order, less chaos

Application performance shines when you optimize resources across all your data centers and clouds—all with one software solution.

Key features

X-ray vision for your IT stack

See how your app and infrastructure dependencies affect workload performance with full-stack visibility.

Intelligent insights

Get AI-assisted analytics and resource recommendations to help you proactively address issues before they harm your business.

Insights to action

Have resource recommendations carried out automatically when you want them.

Lower your cloud costs

Get the most out of your IT resources and save money with superior application performance across all your clouds.

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Let the software do the work

See how to streamline your workload and app management, and gauge performance in real time, so you can adapt quickly and reduce costs.

Better together

Cisco AppDynamics

Pair with Cisco AppDynamics to combine real-time awareness of business outcomes and user experience with infrastructure automation.

Application performance monitoring

Get more insights by integrating with third-party APM tools such as Dynatrace and New Relic.

Cloud Providers

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Optimize applications and workloads running on AWS. Intersight Workload Optimizer is also available in the AWS Marketplace.

Microsoft Azure

Connect with Microsoft Azure to see and improve your application resources and manage costs. Intersight Workload Optimizer is also available on the Azure Marketplace.

Google Cloud Platform

Integrate with your Google resources to optimize your apps and workloads, and reduce costs.

Choose the right tier for your business

Intersight Workload Optimizer


Optimize your on-premises and cloud infrastructure.


  • Works across any on-premises and public cloud environments
  • Supports any compute, hyperconverged systems, hypervisors, storage, and network devices


Intersight Workload Optimizer


Monitor your applications with AppDynamics, manage containers, and integrate workflows.

Includes all features of Essentials, plus:

  • Support for containers, packaged applications, and databases
  • Support for application performance monitoring (AppDynamics)  
  • Workflow integration with full-stack optimization and automation


Intersight Workload Optimizer


Take advantage of third-party APM tools to help apps perform at their best. 

Includes all features of Advantage, plus:

  • Integration of third-party application performance monitoring (APM) tools


Services and support

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Supported targets

Learn about supported resources or workload management services, and how to configure them.

A strong community

Ask questions, share expertise, and see what peers are saying about SaaS-based hybrid cloud management.

Cisco Customer Experience services

Get more from Cisco Intersight with expert, analytics-driven insights and guidance. 

Leave it to us for proactive support

Simplify management with automated issue detection and support for analyzing and resolving issues.

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