2023 Mercedes E-Class Front
The car looks more premium with the latest generation

2023 Mercedes E-Class looks like mini S-Class

2023 Mercedes E-Class W214 model revealed. The new generation E-Class comes with heavily revised exterior and interior along with a huge list of new features on offer.

In terms of design, it takes inspiration from the flagship Mercedes, the S-Class. The front profile looks more mature now and more premium as well with the revised grille which looks larger and the new set of headlights.

The side profile has a clean look which we have been witnessing with the new C and S-Class. It comes with flushed out door handles for a clean look and better aerodynamics.

The rear profile looks very similar to the S-Class as the tail light design looks the same. However, there is this new three-pointed star LED element on the tail lights which looks quite unique and cool.

The interior was revealed a few days back. It looks similar to the new EQ range having a new large touchscreen infotainment system called MBUX Superscreen. There is an additional screen for the front passenger as well.

The Indian market will get the longer LWB model that is being offered since a long while from Mercedes. The new gen will arrive in India by the second half of 2024.

The new generation E-Class is available with multiple petrol, diesel and hybrid engine options.

The new Mercedes-Benz E-Class has several notable features, including:

  1. More interior room with a longer wheelbase and increased luggage capacity
  2. Radiator grille with a black panel-like surface connecting it to the headlamps, which is visually reminiscent of Mercedes-EQ models
  3. MBUX Superscreen with a large glass surface and high-resolution driver display
  4. Digital Vehicle Key that allows the car to be started and locked by the driver carrying a compatible device
  5. Active Ambient Lighting with Sound Visualisation, which allows occupants to “see” music tracks and the sounds of films or apps
  6. Compatibility layer that allows the installation of third-party apps like “TikTok,” “Angry Birds,” “Webex,” “Zoom,” and “Vivaldi”
  7. Routines that use artificial intelligence (AI) to automate comfort functions
  8. ENERGIZING COMFORT and ENERGIZING COACH, which include a bio-feedback function and vital data shown in the central display.
  9. THERMOTRONIC automatic climate control with Digital Vent Control
  10. Intelligent blocking concept of the passenger screen that prevents the driver from seeing dynamic content on the passenger screen while driving
  11. Aerodynamic properties with a Cd figure from 0.23
  12. Compact turning circle with rear-axle steering
2023 Mercedes E-Class Front
The dashboard has an EQ vibe to it with a large touchscreen
2023 Mercedes E-Class Rear Seats
Indian market will get a longer LWB model offering more legroom
2023 Mercedes E-Class Features
Looks like mini S-Class from the rear profile with the new tail lights
2023 Mercedes E-Class
India launch is expected by the second half of 2024
2023 Mercedes E-Class Front
The front profile looks mature with the new styling details
2023 Mercedes E-Class Rear
Notice the three-pointed star element on the tail lights