Mahindra Thar Electric Render
New electric Thar concept to be showcased

Mahindra Thar concept to be showcased in electric guise

Mahindra is all set to reveal the Thar electric vehicle concept at the upcoming 15th August event in South Africa. While many anticipated a larger 5-door Thar version at the event, the company will be showcasing a Thar EV concept revealing the future design direction of the off-roader, featuring a fully electric drivetrain.

It will stay true to its off-road character, boasting a 4X4 setup. However, it will incorporate a quad-motor system. We can also expect it to offer capabilities like ‘crab steer’ or ‘crab walk,’ which enables all four wheels to turn to a near-45-degree angle. This manoeuvrability allows the Thar EV to roll sideways into tight parking spots or even execute a 360-degree turn on the spot, like we have seen in the Hummer EV or even the upcoming electric G-Class prototype.

The specific platform details of the Thar EV concept are currently unknown. It remains uncertain whether the EV will be built on the same body-on-frame setup as its internal combustion engine (ICE) version or if it will adopt a new dedicated-EV platform that Mahindra is actively developing.

While monocoque layout offers reduced weight for improved range, the rugged ladder-frame chassis might help to achieve higher load and towing capacities.

It will be critical for Mahindra to decide the feasibility factor of the Thar EV. The Indian carmaker will have to carefully evaluate the plan of bringing the production version to the market. Price, launch date, specs and features of the Thar EV concept are unknown. We will get to know more details about the vehicle on the day of its debut.

Currently, Mahindra offers the Thar with three engine options. The 4×4 variants come with 2.0-litre turbo petrol and 2.2-litre diesel engine options. The 4×2 variants are offered with 2.0-litre turbo petrol and 1.5-litre diesel engine options.

Mahindra Thar Electric Render Rear
It will be revealed alongside the new pickup truck and tractor concepts
Render Concept
Thar EV concept to have an all-electric drivetrain
EV Badge Render
It will use a dual motor technology for AWD setup

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