Tesla Model S Test Drive
No matter how popular SUVs get, they will never match the allure of a sedan

Top 5 Sedans

While the world is getting obsessed with SUVs, most of which are jacked up crossovers at best, the charm of a sedan will never ever be replaced. No matter what you desire, performance or luxury, there is a sedan for you. Some sedans even combine them to offer you the best of both worlds. In this listicle, I am going to be talking about 5 of my absolute favourite sedans of all time.

2021 BMW 5-Series
Dynamic, powerful and practical, the BMW 5-Series is an absolute gem

BMW 5-Series

This is one car which is always going to make you happy, no matter which variant you choose. It’s here not because the M5 is so brilliant but because I absolutely love the 530d M-Sport which offers the best of both worlds – performance and practicality. The diesel engine is punchy, yet frugal and the host of cool features like remote parking, gesture control, amazing 360-degree camera and brilliant handling make it an absolutely stunning sedan and I haven’t even mentioned the M5 yet which takes all the goodies of the 5-Series with 10x the performance.

The 8th gen Civic was an utter beast with the manual gearbox and the VTEC engine

8th Generation Honda Civic

If there was no Civic, there would be no Honda as the Civic pulled Honda out of bankruptcy in the 70s and is Honda’s most popular model in the world. The 8th generation which was on sale in India between 2006 and 2013 and is the best Civic according to me as it had a soul and of course a sporty appeal. Just like the current Civic, the 8th gen too had an automatic transmission but there was a manual gearbox too which made VTEC kick in yo. Right from the design to the instrument cluster and the opposite facing wipers, the 8th gen Civic really pulled your heartstrings which the new model just doesn’t manage to do.

Tesla Model S Exteriors
The Tesla Model S is faster than a Bugatti and has more features than your phone

Tesla Model S

It is an electric vehicle with the performance of a sports car, the Model S follows simplicity to the tee and is loaded with crazy tech including remote parking which works brilliantly well unlike what’s seen in other cars, auto-pilot and even the driver door opens electrically, how cool is that. But it’s the cost of running a Model S which is the cheapest in the world for a sedan with so much performance, heck, the P100D even has a mode called Ludicrous which enables it to do 0-100 km/hr in just 2.4 seconds, making it quicker than even the Bugatti Chiron!

Mercedes-Maybach S650 Review Test Drive
Comfortable and elegant, the S-Class is the gold-standard of a luxury sedan

Mercedes S-Class

Often called the best car in the world, the Mercedes S-Class re-writes the rules of luxury with every passing generation. While the regular S-Class is itself stunning, the Maybach S650 V12 is in an entirely different league as far as luxury and technology go – right from massaging seats, Night View Assist, rotating tweeters, Magic Sky Control sunroof which changes colour with the touch of a button and the list goes on and on. It’s not only fast and comfortable but offers more than you would ever need in a car and yet costs significantly lesser than a Rolls-Royce Phantom.

MotorBeam Project Car
The MotorBeam Project Car has a soul without any fancy electronics

MotorBeam Project Car

On the top of this list is the MotorBeam Project Car, the Maruti Baleno. A very under-rated vehicle, this beast has the raw feel which makes you enjoy the drive at every given moment. No electronic bull shit, just pure raw driving experience with a naturally aspirated 4-cylinder engine that loves to rev and sounds loud and exciting as you near the redline. The Baleno sedan is also quite practical with a decent-sized boot while in those days it used to come with climate control as well. You sit low which gives you a sporty feel and the good news is that the Project Car will be back on MotorBeam soon.