Ather 450X Price
The EV firm has improved its ownership solutions as well

Ather Energy has introduced a buyback programme for the 450X electric scooter and has also reduced the price of the 450 Plus.

Named “Assured Buyback”, customers will be offered, under the programme, an assured buyback of Rs. 85,000/- for the Ather 450X and Rs. 75,000/- for 450 Plus at the end of three years of their ownership of the EV.

Apart from the buyback programme, Ather has also improved its purchase enabling solutions. The lease model for the 450X scooter that was initiated in Bengaluru and Chennai will now be extended across all cities it has presence in.

The firm says, the lease model allows customers to access a fully-loaded 450X at a lower price point and at a nominal monthly fee. Further, exclusively for customers in Bengaluru, the firm has introduced an ICE two-wheeler exchange programme.

Furthermore, the retail cost of the 450 Plus scooter has been revised downwards by Rs. 9000/-. Now, the scooter can be purchased at Rs. 1,39,990/- (ex-showroom).

Finally, the firm has stated that charging at its Ather Grid will be free until March 2021 and added that it has also revised its subscription plans. Now, there are four independent packs that customers can choose based on their usage.

These include Ather Connect Lite, Ather Connect Pro, Ather Service Lite and Ather Service Pro and the plans can be availed of from Rs. 125/- per month, says the EV maker.

All these changes, including the Ather 450X buyback programme, are expected to increase the electric vehicle firm’s sales over the coming months.

Ather 450X Buyback Programme

  • Ather has announced “Assured Buyback” programme
  • The EV, after three years of usage, will be taken for Rs. 85,000/-
  • Price of the 450 Plus scooter is now Rs. 1,39,990/- (ex-showroom)
Ather 450X Buyback Programme
Now, people from Bengaluru can exchange their ICE two-wheeler for an Ather EV