The teaser videos of the TVS Fiero reveal that the bike will be unveiled on 16th September

TVS Motor Company has released as many as 4 teaser videos of what we suspect is the new Fiero, in quick succession.

The teasers, released under the title “The Wicked Ride by TVS” show some of the upcoming motorcycle’s design, its lighting units, switchgear and even the seats.

Sporting an LED headlight with twin C-shaped DRLs, the new generation TVS Fiero has a digital instrument cluster which shows the clock, the selected gear, among other details. It is likely to come with Bluetooth connectivity as well.

TVS Fiero Teaser Colours
It looks muscular with a broad fuel tank

Moving along, the new motorcycle has a bulky fuel tank, split seats and a single-piece pillion grab rail, while at the back, there is an LED tail lamp.

The 2022 TVS Fiero teaser videos also reveal some of the colour choices the motorcycle will be available with and they include black, blue, red and yellow.

While teasers 3 and 4 reveal all the above-mentioned details, teasers 1 and 2 disclose the exhaust note of the motorcycle.

2022 TVS Fiero Teaser Instrument Cluster
Bluetooth connectivity should be on offer

The first teaser in particular lets us hear the engine note too, as its full 9000 RPM rev band is utilised, along with the exhaust note.

Judging by the exhaust note, we reckon that the motorcycle’s engine should at least have a displacement of 150cc, if not more.

However, Joint Managing Director, TVS Motor Company, Sudarshan Venu has recently said the firm will launch a 125cc motorcycle before the end of September. So, we can be fairly sure that it is a 125cc product.

The first teaser also shows a rider’s point of view, while taking the motorcycle around a circuit and on twisty roads, indicating how TVS wants to pitch this upcoming bike in the market.

2022 TVS Fiero Teaser Seats
The seats seem to be well-padded

Do note that the name is only a speculation as of now, as TVS could very well make use of the ‘Raider’ and ‘Retron’ monikers it has already trademarked, for the new bike.

Well, since TVS has announced that the motorcycle will be unveiled on 16th September, one does not have to wait too long for all the details to be disclosed.

Tail Light
TVS was expected to release the Apache RTR 165 RP, but we are getting the new Fiero before that