CyberOps Associate

Cisco Certified CyberOps Associate

The CyberOps Associate certification proves you have the tactical skills that Security Operations Centers (SOCs) need to detect and respond to cyber threats.

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Launch your career in cybersecurity operations

With a CyberOps Associate certification, you’ll prove your expertise in essential cybersecurity skills, concepts, and technologies, including understanding IT infrastructure, operations, and vulnerabilities.

Security concepts

Demonstrate your knowledge of security terms like malware, threat hunting, and zero trust. Differentiate security concepts such as vulnerability and exploit.

Security monitoring

Understand the technologies used to monitor cybersecurity. Be able to identify attacks on network, web application, social engineering, and endpoints.

Host-based analysis

Identify the endpoints and systems protected by cybersecurity. Attribute the sources of cyber attacks and analyze key evidence, like logs and reports.

Network intrusion analysis

Demonstrate your knowledge of troubleshooting techniques and analysis, including assessing event and alert impact, monitoring traffic, and interpreting regular expressions.

CyberOps Associate Certification

How it works

No formal prerequisites

You should understand the exam topics before taking the exam—and develop a strategy for how you’re going to master them.

Common learner profiles

  • New or aspiring IT professionals who want to specialize in cybersecurity
  • Experienced IT professionals who want to prove their skills with Cisco and Cisco-adjacent cybersecurity technologies
To earn the CyberOps Associate certification, you’ll need to pass a core exam.

Getting started

To earn this certification, you’ll need to pass a core exam.

A variety of resources are available to help you study - from guided learning to self-study and a community forum.

Maintain your certification

Your certification is valid for three years. You can renew with Continuing Education credits or retake exams before they expire.


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