Cisco and NVIDIA: Meet your new AI Infrastructure

Cisco and NVIDIA have come together to enable enterprises to quickly deploy and manage secure AI infrastructure.

Only Cisco has the infrastructure to power, support, and secure AI

Breadth and scale of data

We capture more data at scale to feed intelligence across the portfolio than anyone in the industry. Our visibility fuels unrivaled AI-driven insights spanning devices, applications, security, networks, and the internet.

AI-driven portfolio

Boost efficiency, optimize digital experiences, gain peace of mind, and get back precious time with platforms and AI-enhanced products that you expect from Cisco.

AI-ready infrastructure

Everything relies on a secure network, especially AI. At the foundation of AI innovation will be highly flexible, groundbreaking infrastructure solutions delivered by Cisco. 

Secure, responsible AI

We take a customer-centric, security-first approach with a commitment to responsible AI that is non-negotiable.

Get your organization AI-ready

Organizations need to be AI-ready in a way that is flexible and scalable and that supports industrywide interoperability. The Cisco AI Readiness Index measures global organizations’ readiness to deploy AI solutions.

Our leadership in AI comes with experience

AI-enhanced security

As cyberattacks continue to evolve, organizations' defenses must, too. Cisco has taken a major step in making AI pervasive in Cisco Security Cloud, augmenting what humans alone can do to help close the gap between cybersecurity intent and outcomes.

AI-connected, modern workplaces

AI plays a pivotal role in enabling highly effective and inclusive experiences for the global workforce by using natural-language processing capabilities, audio intelligence and speech enhancements, video intelligence, and AI-enabled insights. We are incorporating generative AI capabilities in contact centers by creating virtual agents and assisting agents with AI features such as real-time sentiment analysis, customer history, and summaries.

AI observability

Cisco recently introduced model observability to monitor models and APIs so that our customers can observe the models they deploy, monitor their performance, and extract key insights such as costs incurred. In addition, as AI’s role in software creation increases, the need for robust observability increases, since AI-generated software may be more prone to errors.

AI-assisted customer experience

By leveraging generative AI, we are building upon our extensive history of incorporating AI into our CX offerings to provide significantly improved experiences. Proactive Sustainability is in development and will help customers to monitor devices and power them up and down based on usage.

Cisco AI Assistant in software

Introducing Cisco AI Assistant. It's AI, only smarter.  

Powered by an unmatched breadth and scale of data, Cisco AI Assistant combines the latest generative AI technology with our expertise to responsibly guide and inform the decisions you make every day. Helping you work faster, safer, and smarter. 

AI-ready infrastructure

Enabling a new generation of AI with Ethernet

Our AI network fabrics offer unparalleled programmability, performance, flexibility, and efficiency, all through Ethernet.

Creating more flexibility for AI networks

The Cisco Silicon One programmable architecture evolves as workloads do, helping you save costs and power without jeopardizing performance.

Supporting AI workloads with better data center design

Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Switches provide enhanced visibility into AI workloads, helping you better meet the demands of your network.

AI that's as responsible as it is revolutionary

Responsible AI means getting one of the biggest advancements in technology right for our customers, our society, and our commitment to creating an inclusive future for all.

Cisco AI blogs

Learn how Cisco harnesses AI-powered capabilities across our entire product and customer service portfolio. And find out why Cisco is leading the industry with innovation that enables AI infrastructure.