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Observe: Cisco Full-Stack Observability

Improve application performance and end-user experiences

Monitor traditional and modern applications to elevate your users' experiences. Improve application performance by bringing data together from across your tech stack and your business.

Manage performance of applications with business context

Enhance application performance and end-user experience by monitoring applications as well as the network and infrastructure in real time.


Technologists who say observability with business context will help them to be more strategic and spend more time on innovation


Technologists who say an observability solution must readily identify problems and threats, prompt rapid remediation, and reduce business risks

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Observe What Matters

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Hybrid application monitoring

Monitor the performance of hybrid applications and correlate it with user experiences and business context to proactively remediate issues and improve business results.

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Modern application monitoring

Monitor the performance of cloud-native applications, which are often serverless, microservices based, or leverage distributed cloud technologies hosted on public or private clouds.

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Customer digital experience and application dependency monitoring

Optimize joint operations for triage and troubleshooting across application and network teams. Understand how applications, the network, and multicloud affect digital user experience.

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Explore the fit that is right for you

Revolutionize the way that you observe, secure, and optimize applications with Cisco FSO.​ 

Cisco FSO packages

Explore Cisco FSO packages that support your needs, including application security, application monitoring, and customer digital monitoring. Then choose one of three packages or build a custom package.