Digital Manufacturing

The factory of the future is already here.‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

The road to smart manufacturing

Manufacturers are improving business operations with the power of industrial security and industrial Ethernet.

Lag time in IIoT adoption due to cybersecurity concerns

Source: “Holistic Security for Connected Manufacturing”

IoT endpoints by 2020

Source: Data management in digital manufacturing

Plan to deploy IoT capabilities in three years

Source: "How Greater Industrial Network Connectivity Transforms Operations"

Reimagining Manufacturing

How Digital Technologies Can Help Asia’s Manufacturers In A Post-COVID-19 World

The factory of tomorrow, today

For manufacturers, every new connection point is an opportunity. And a risk. To prevent issues, OT needs to take ownership of cybersecurity. But IT holds the keys and expertise.

Hear from our manufacturing customers

This has been a game changer for our business. We completely recouped our initial investment in just nine months and saved more than $1M in the first year.

Ayako Wilson, Senior General Manager, AWNC

Digitize your manufacturing operations

Cybersecurity in Industrial Environments

To help arm companies against the threats, has worked with the IoT experts at Cisco to provide you the latest edition of our Cybersecurity eBook, filled with detailed reads on the latest strategies and technologies to keep your industrial networks secured, and your company one step ahead of the hackers.

Network Security within a Converged Plantwide Ethernet Architecture

The prevailing trend in Industrial Automation and Control System (IACS) networking is the convergence of technology, specifically IACS operational technology (OT) with information technology (IT).

Creating a Future-Ready Factory Network

The distinctions between information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) in manufacturing are fading as smart devices and software-controlled systems drive more production lines.

Secure Remote Expert via Cisco Webex for RealWear HMT-1 Wearable

Cisco Webex for the RealWear HMT-1 allows a remote worker to connect with remote experts when they need assistance. Experts can share their views and interact with work instructions, capture still images, and push documents. You no longer need to wait for the expert in person to start solving problems.

Cisco Kinetic for Manufacturing

For decades, manufacturing businesses have relied on connected machines and the correlating data to help streamline operations. Now, innovative Internet of Things (IoT) technologies are taking machine data to unprecedented new levels – but also introducing a whole new landscape of challenges in data management, analysis and governance.

Design Zone for Industry Solutions

Find design guides for industry-specific systems and architectures.

Cisco Kinetic for manufacturing

Get the most business value from your factory data. Amplify operational and business insights you need to boost overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), optimize energy use, and reduce downtime.

A new era of networking for manufacturing.

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intent-based networking

Imagine a network that offers visibility into production and inventory, creating context around everything that happens within the enterprise.

A network that understands business intent and dynamically safeguards new IoT initiatives while helping IT and operations teams collaborate.

It constantly monitors facilities, machines, and connected devices to identify and contain suspicious activity no matter where it hides.

That’s intent-based networking.

It’s constantly learning.

The new network works tirelessly to unlock data from machines, sensors, and the network itself, turning info into insights that maximize productivity, improve quality, and prevent downtime.

It’s constantly adapting.

An automated network helps you keep pace with customer and market needs, ensuring continuous high-performance IT and OT services and increasing agility while lowering operational costs.

It’s constantly protecting.

The new network is always searching for threats within your facilities and enterprise, even in encrypted traffic. Protect your IoT devices, production data, and intellectual property with an intelligent network.

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