Why Certify?

Certifications matter. To employers, they indicate the promise of higher productivity and proof of your abilities, but for new and current IT professionals, they are a reflection of far more. To certify is to grow, take the next step in your career and fuel the passion that powers your success.​

Stay competitive

Certifications are proof of knowledge, aptitude and a lifelong learning mentality that puts you ahead of the competition. Certified employees are highly sought after by hiring managers and are trusted to connect, secure and automate Cisco networks across the globe.​

99% of organizations surveyed use technical certifications to make hiring decisions.1

91% of employers believe IT certifications are a reliable predictor of a successful employee.2

81% of employers associate IT certification holders with increased quality and value of work contribution.3

Develop and specialize​

Today, Cisco’s certification portfolio offers more options than ever before, empowering you to customize your learning path directly to your career, interests and aspirations. Since every Cisco exam you pass earns you a certification, each milestone you reach tells a new chapter in your story.​

of IT professionals pursued IT certifications to obtain necessary skills.3

Cisco Certifications are constantly updated to reflect the evolution of the technology landscape and ensure that certifications match the needs of the IT industry. When you earn and maintain active certification, you prove to employers that you have the skills to work on today’s most advanced networks, and as you continue to meet recertification requirements, a lifelong learning mindset is born.

of IT professionals earned certifications to increase their chances of advancing and being promoted in their current roles, by acquiring new skills and knowledge.3

This is your chance stand out - especially to employers. Certifications communicate a powerful narrative: you possess the drive to stay competitive, the problem-solving ability to overcome challenges, the discipline to deliver on tasks efficiently and the potential to lead your peers. When the time comes for that promotion, your employer can recall the ways you have shown initiative and feel confident in your readiness for advancement.​

Personal fulfillment​

Certification is more than just an achievement that secures promotions, unlocks salary increases and attracts new career opportunities, it also sets you on an upward trajectory towards personal growth and fulfillment.

And as you grow, your self-confidence and initiative can inspire others to climb even higher.

Increased confidence in your abilities

Establish yourself as mentor

Increased respect from peers

Greater job satisfaction

Pursue new opportunities

Put yourself in control. Cisco certifications are available in multiple levels of expertise and various professional areas. Earning the certifications you need can lead you to the career you want, while keeping you competitive in a field where 87% of IT professionals hold certifications1. Cisco's best-in-class training helps you learn, grow, and evolve, while our digital badge program gives you the tools to highlight every step of your journey. Cisco training and certifications allow you to:

Access the training you need to stay current with Cisco technologies

Validate your knowledge and strengthen the impact of your resume

Enhance your professional profile with digital badges

Showcase your willingness to be a leader in your field

Cisco certification success stories

“The certifications definitely changed my life. They helped me get a job at a large technology company and helped form my career trajectory. Plus the knowledge that I’ve got from studying for those certifications gave me the confidence that I’ll always be able to get a job if I need to.”

Certifications achieved: CyberOps Associate
— Olivia Wolf, Systems Engineer

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Eight steps to prepare for a Cisco certification

When it comes to earning a Cisco certification, the only one who can hold you back is yourself—but that doesn't mean you have to go it alone. We're here to help you reach your fullest potential, starting with these simple steps to help you map your way towards certification. Start studying today, successfully reach your goals and join our community of IT professionals.


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