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_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Air

“La femme d & # 39 argent ”

Moon Safari (1998)

The distinctive French duo air present featuring the discharge of Downtempo music by launching rock devices with genuine Funk grooves

The La femme d & # 39; though it is pure. The aesthetics correspond to the best way the Ambient track is, nevertheless it has an unmistakable velocity that transcends the one who seems to lend the world of Western music. Even a reasonably dependable Wikipedia appears to be catching up with the outline of a style belonging to its group, claiming that it is "Space Pop"; actually just a time period, despite the fact that it feels fascinating.

Air's Moon Safari continues to be a simple capsule to swallow, however I might have used it as a music track to interrupt up with the company; Regardless of its eclectic inclinations, it is a usually pleasant album, it doesn’t matter what the gang is. These unique parts come collectively in something that’s instantly satisfying even for a more adventurous music listener

These constructive deserves have in fact not been missed because many "hip" music magazines started to take heed to this album. Even scarce-minded publications, corresponding to Rolling Stone, positioned it in top-of-the-line albums of the 1990s, so that you're going.

If you want to speak to Air about someone who referred to as herself a cinephile service, you may get a shocking reply. They could be a bit astonishing that Air may even get into a daily music dialog, as for a lot of, Air's true fame is heard in Sofia's Coppola's "The Virgin Suicides", which brings them to their own degree for film-snob royalties. They use the same area as other typical Synth soundtrackers like Goblin or Tangerine Dream.

Air's music is intoxicating, and it definitely leaves the listener considering exactly what they did earlier than they came to life.



Sleep & # 39; s Holy Mountain (1992)

Kings of all drinks, Sleep set their greatest foot forward with “Dragonaut,” pummeling track

it is onerous to say much about these legendary titans that had not been mentioned before, however fortuitously the music speaks to me most of this. It is straight and reduce. Regardless of the numerous lo-fi sound, Sleep uses far more studio analysis than is often given to them. Backward echo results in the thrill of the start of the chords, and the bassist Al Cisneros makes use of an superior envelope bass filter that cuts simply the highest of the mixer, occupying the right area within the band. Plus, envelopes, filters are simply all the time cool bass: whether it's Bootsy intrude with the "Up For The Down Stroke", or the 1980 Early-Indie originated by Edie Brickell belonged signal utilizing the envelope bass filtered solo in his breakout hit "What I

The band also Pumps Black Sabbath's incredible lyrics which are filled with testosterone, cooler than the dragon's astronaut? The thoughts are also superb, lively and power, regardless of how intense the tempo can drift in. And once they get to the third verse, the drummer is enjoying back so that he virtually drops out.

throughout "Dra

Frank Black


Teenager of the Yr (1994)

“Headache” is the right piece close to your wings, packed tightly and ready for radio for. It units Frank Black's Various-Pop phenomena ahead and middle by making an ear egg for ages.

Smash hit a track that by no means was, Frank Black's post-Pixies profession presents him in all his music writing glory and proves that he still had a lot to say together with his music, together with his earlier band or with out

In the age pattern, it is clear that Frank Blac okay (previously referred to as Black Francis) found the disintegration of Pixies to be a liberating expertise because he participated in another profitable songwriting creativity while sailing from a young person of the yr, typically using these new assets and types. work out t work in his previous band. The tracks are unusual and unique, but now that there isn’t any repetitive band that focuses on these songs, Black turned inward and produced more melodic rock songs with spindle track buildings constructed to stand on their very own ft, no matter who

Perhaps greater than ever Frank Frank's dedication to Buddy Holly's music goes deep into the DNA of this album: virtually all the songs take just two minutes and change. But with a monitor record of 22 tracks, it's exhausting to say that you simply didn't get the right money.

Regardless of all the unusual shock and respect that forestalls Pixies from getting access to the public, Pixies' actual core was their power in distinctive music structuring and inherently fascinating sound buildings that each one transfer into "headache" music. The initially lack of Pixies' failure was infamous, just brutally forgotten by Velvet Underground. Things appeared to be in stability now, but America had a lot less excuse to not depart this album until 1994 when Black Franc's listing of Pixies had already seen its widespread idolization and the next grandfathering to the overall music zeitgeist. The music business as an entire has undoubtedly supported the unfair (albeit understandable) remedy of the band, which right now is nearly unanimously seen as the most effective rock bands ever. That's why I may give them extra room for maneuver once they renew and perform "old-fashioned" behind their greatest years, they’re now getting the success they need to have seen thirty years ago.

was one man who made songs for a world that refused to pay attention. "Headache" stands among the many head and shoulders and shouldn’t be forgotten anymore. You owe it to yourself, there are higher issues in life than the right miracle of pop music


Paul Simon

"Run the Body Down"

Paul Simon (1972)

The liberty he as soon as again found in his partnership with Simon & Garfunkel to put in writing probably the most lovely inventive people albums.

The success of Paul Simon's debut album reminded McCartney of the devastatingly undervalued Ram, who attains a very comparable magic degree as Paul Simon does. It’s clear that Simon needs to blow steam to rearrange instrumentals loaded with mild, ethereal acoustic guitars, however his years of studio virtuoso will inevitably fade back into his music. Virtually each track on here has these little moments with textured genres, which makes every new half a puzzle recreation the place he can determine to take the music next.

One in every of my favourite elements of the album is "Run the Body Down", probably the most relaxed instrumentation on this San Tropez aspect. Paul repeats the mushy acoustic part through the slicing, scenting alongside a really nice track. The lyrics are a real catch, too, I might have been good, while the title was a wierd 70s for Maca's love (many of these 70 euphemisms are quietly dangerous), but as an alternative they should be taken literally. Paul himself describes the speak to his spouse and doctor, warning that his unhealthy life goes to be driven down the physique. Older Paul Simon refers to himself as a third individual to the risks of dwelling a couch potato

and an important highlight of the track is creative within the left guitar solo. Jerry Hahn. He performs as he needs to succeed in the melody of Jazz, but he has an insane amount of restrictions that fit the other mould he has set to fill. So the solo is a very compelling hybrid that uses area and patterns to finish its a part of the track.

Hello, and also you get this! I actually simply studied this solo by Jerry Hahn had taught PSU for years, how loopy is that? He left the University of Portland greater than ten years in the past, but I admit that it’s wild that he would stop here who's rice.

Music writings are so-called. The package deal is a dramatic thing whereas emotional resonance is that a "more serious" musical work might. It’s subsequently not shocking that Simon has grow to be a new hero for the current waves of Indie-Rock, which are delivered to the highlight again with the return of Vampire Weekend and the band's obvious fascination with Graceland.

just marvel what Artwork Garfunkel ought to have thought of when his companion debut arrived. Perhaps “He broke the band so he could do it. . . THIS! ”, However it’s next to the point.


"Working in a coal mine"

New traditionalists (1981)

For a gaggle referred to as "De-Evolution", I feel it's solely logical that they retreat again until 1966 for this objective.

DEVO had all the time been a band of surprises, but this was a singular career that the band couldn’t have predicted. The band was contacted to offer a soundtrack to the animated movie “Heavy Metal”, a free, wall-to-wall movie that sends nice praise to all of Metallic and defined a big part of its production, despite being good. . DEVO threw them collectively, overlaying a dad or mum's mistake referred to as "Working in a coal mine". Nobody was anticipating a lot of it, and it was thought-about to be a contract, only between studio discs.

Imagine the shock of each the band and the report artists when this one-time cover gets a authorized recreation. That's right, the least probably hit on your complete album was the charts up unexpectedly. Principally, DEVO was incredibly anti-commercial mindset and nice here, that they had a real hit on their palms

Solely a small excerpt, I do not even need to give it some thought, that DEVO might never take a look at "Bloody miracle" in every part of the imagination, and I are typically very liberal on this the term. Virtually universally recognized influence is one thing, but it’s here that that they had real mainstream listeners along with "Whip It".

“Working in a coal mine” is bouncing and filled with sweet early 80's keyboard goodness. It blows and blossoms just the best way to deliver a smile on my face. The 2 harmonies sing the entire music and translate what else might be thought-about as a sort of irritating music for true adoration. The Wacky track, which continues to be related, means that the band is a joke and has a good time.

“Working in a coal mine” is a part of new human songs. It’s questionable if working in a coal mine is best than dismantling on a worktop, however let's not examine it to the weekend's work.

Who knows there could also be this mainstream grievance which will have affected DEVO big-brain Mark Mothersbaugh begins his profitable TV soundtrack, a subject he continues to work on at the moment. Perhaps this music didn't remain a check of time, how a few of them are, but it might be cruel to carry it towards.

Martha and Muffins

“Paint by Number Heart”

Metro Music (1980)

Before we even say anything, can we just admit that this is maybe the identify of probably the most loving band?

Ok, now we will speak about Martha and Muffins and the way these Canadians acquired their method to the early New Wave Wild Wild West. I call this New Wave a Wild West as a result of it was really free for all of the bands who need to embed their toes on this ever-expanding music type. And the market was usually very receptive to new developments in the genre, rewarding early bands and their creativity.

Martha steals the exhibition by taking a midfield just between Debris Iyall of Chrissie Hynde and Romeo Void. Lyrics are filled with cool little twists and turns, he says his individuality concerning the concept of affection, as a result of he claims he has no "Paint By Number Heart" experience, a nice metaphor that makes a nicer title

. There isn’t a early New Wave music and not using a large saxophone solo within the middle, with Andy Haas's consent. The group's guitarist (one of the muffins, I suppose) is particularly fascinating to hear the game. He doesn’t reinvent the wheel, however sounds so confused that he performs these songs as he infuses the fast rhythmic modifications that recommend he's coming out of the Punk world. For many who intently comply with historical past, the link between Publish-Punk and New Aalto is so direct that it seems inevitable that it advanced in the best way it was. Now the line was blurred, and these bands have been free to take their power from Punk and explore these new areas.

In fact, MTV's gloss got here and penetrated the market till it turned a headache for the company that stores radio waves by the top of the decade. Don't let this distract you from the good music that aroused all the things, the hungry newbie is inspirational

Ozzy Osbourne (Randy Rhoads)


Blizzard of Ounces (1980)

Acoustic Classical Music The guided solo performance may be the last thing you’d anticipate from a fireplace and Brimstone Heavy Metallic, however it separates the rest of Randy Rhoads. Enter "Dee", a brief acoustic piece written by RR and hovering together with unitigated magnificence, to be trustworthy with God's composition, which one way or the other cheated his strategy to the debut album of Blessed by Ozzy Osbourne, Blizzard of Ounces.

Classical methods before and after Randy Rhoads, but I’ll first say that one thing more superb is how Randy performs. The "Dee" is clearly translucent and very rigorously organized, and no single notice comes out. His fashion drives the piece house much more, no one can nail a efficiency in the identical means that Randy does so that there’s solely one thing so particular person that he is handled to his track. Small and delicate trills choosing model make it an actual pain to get juuuust proper, I’ve seen many buddies to attempt repeatedly.

Written in the important thing of D and his identify in line with his mother, "Dee" proceeds with the actual function. Randy's manufacturers are still discovered in this off-kilter composition, especially his crazy twin assortment. In case you asked about each of one of the best methods of the metallic guitarist Randy Rhoads, they might in all probability seize and circulate his twin-guided guitar circumstances. This double emphasis emphasizes that each one the notes in his solos are designed out, however he must play it greater than as soon as! They are pitched and provides their solos an amazingly distinctive and vigorous quality that’s so typically absent from the Metallic solos. The two-track acoustic guitar is simply as thrilling, virtually dishonest the ear assuming it’s a twelve string that performs the music.

Its existence in itself is a pleasure.

Surprising Blue

"Send me a postcard"

Scorpio Dance (1970)

Wow, this can be a very enjoyable rock number.

The Surprising Blue was a Dutch band that is the Netherlands' largest preventing right. for reasons past their management. In fact, their band identify / legacy is often transferred to any liner entries in any Greatest-Of Nirvana collection that may undoubtedly have the left cowl of the "Love Buzz" cover. It is a pretty huge sound for a band that has long broken up before Nirvana ripped it, however I assume it's slightly disappointing that their largest achievement has little to do with their music. In line with the recording, the unique version continues to be a sort of underwhelming and I feel Cobain and Co did something great for an honest music.

"Send me a postcard" is far more than I might have anticipated a gaggle, if I had a means, singing amazingly simply when all the devices are either very blurry and leached, or very vibrant and classy. Main music, Fred de Wilde, makes this music a splendidly compelling piece of work that takes its voices heavily, which makes me assume more about Punk Rockia Nico.

The band flew their radar in time and quietly gave the world a quietly obnoxious Proto-Metallic, which we would have liked so much, much the best way Budgie was doing. "Send me a postcard" is a forgotten pearl, which is just a brighter distance from the present day.

Bessie Smith

"No one knows you when you are down and out" [19659002] * Single (1929)

I feel everyone knows why a millionaire doesn't sing blues. . . but what in the event that they did? Enter the place of Bessie Smith, definitely not a millionaire, but the container of disgrace after the start of a golden determine is over

Absolute stone cold basic within the canon of blues standards, “No one knows you if you end up" down and out "typically disconnected from the public, what is more more convincing how you can sing it personally. Someway, given the subject matter, the track solely improves when the listener isn’t tempted to empathize its leadership, the higher the strange display shot admired.

The shortage of relativity shouldn’t be small for Bessie Smith, he undoubtedly owns the track in a means that provides extra credibility to the music's morality (it doesn’t matter what it’s). His superb vocal potential provides confidence that would anticipate a stormy 20-year-old debut, however when it’s shared with Blues, it's all so unhappy and gained. In fact, Dylan would have touched these similar ideals in the controversial crown consumer of ALL the effective songs, comparable to "Rolling Stone", however there’s still room for larger dirt-broken millionaires.

The music is a long-awaited loss by taking a step in honor of time. Many others felt a personal want to offer their songs, the interpretation of Eric Clapton with Derek and Dominos is only a star, and Nina Simone additionally does a bang-up job. Nevertheless, I like myself again to Bessie Smith and his afternoon days, far behind, singing for the days when nothing leaves, however hit one other match and start once more

Massive Star

"The Letter -Live "

No one Can Dance – Evaluations and Stay Data (1999)

Right here is Alex Chilton's" The Letter "by The Field Tops, who belong to the identical Alex Chilton yr later Massive Star. On this 60 green model of sunshine you possibly can see a transparent case the place an artist turns into a brand new individual, and asks how they will come with the earlier iterations of the identical music. Star has. The band sang and the songs which were successful have been hit by the irony of the Power Pop group, which had sadly appointed the primary albums Radio Metropolis and # 1 Document.

This new stay version of Letter ”paints a captivating story that differs from the listener to the listener. The dazzling sound the band provides is one kilometer away from the source materials, either by presenting a band that may have performed it for a couple of too a few years, or a musician digging this tuning from the alcove. The whole band is so careless that it's just lucky that they carried out this rudely recreation that is straightforward to play. Chilton seems like he has to break into laughter at any time in the course of the track and provides strange infections about what is otherwise an easy track.

There were even rumors when Alex Chilton didn't even show the original Box Tape recording and as an alternative sang / played utterly the leased weapons. It's exhausting to say if this horrible dwelling donation provides us answers as a result of we might by no means have heard of Chilton making an attempt to recreate the Blue Eyed Soul, even should you heard that Joe Cocker's cover had made much more vocal sort. [19659002] Perhaps the sign that the Massive Star on the third aspect turned out to mess and internal turmoil, "The Letter" stay version seems like a funeral tour, however nonetheless an interesting listening. For a potential function, the music now bounces in a brand new course and may make the band unconscious.

4 Recent

“Angel Eyes”

5 Trombones (1955)

Moody Horn performs in the second diploma, 4 Freshmen provides trustworthy soulfulness to the sounds of “Angel Eyes”. Uniqueness awakens a couple of ranges of including 5 thrombons, which is usually uncared for by Horn's family member, who provides a splendidly heat and cozy sound to the expression at the coronary heart of the songs.

Yes, this music was featured on The Four Freshmen and 5 Trombones, the material is strictly what it says tin. This start line of the album shortly rises above the edge levels to a very fascinating space the place both singers and instrumentalists work collectively for wonderful music.

I might also have failed if I had not acknowledged the apparent contact of Brian Wilson. Young Seashore Boy Wilson crashed over this LP and located its unique sound. As his well-known Pop Document "Be My Baby", "Strawberry Fields Forever" and "Shortnin # Bread", it isn’t shocking that this massive and airtight document would imply Brian Wilsons's type

The album makes an ideal spin On any winter day, the cold of the surface world shines like a light-weight fog when this music rings.


"Whiskey Man"

Quick One (1966)

Fast One is usually targeted on hodgepodge of four lives which might be the lifetime of life music.

Sure, after the rags have been rich, who noticed who rushed and robbed The Who Sings My Era, the group pushed the highlight nary a second time to breathe. Because the band was at that time, that they had used endlessly infinite non-album bands that rushed to the market and expressed their dissatisfaction with a lot of the cover items that had coated most of their debut occasions. It is that The Who got here out with the tried-and-tested sophomore-LP, which was surprisingly brave at the time and was the primary actual band to cover all the time.

Appears like this early, The Who was interested by albums as conceptual works; which would, in fact, be further expanded in future releases by Tommy, Quadrophen and the next years The Who Sell Out. The theme was not lyrical, however something that encourages new track writing and sells the band as All Trades.

On the planet of fillings and Plain Jane music, The Who brought an unimaginable view of 1966 rock music: Writing Songs ALL members of the band. Truly, every member had to give no less than two songs to the album, which suggests a real band effort. And a lot of the songs turned very robust and encouraged additional freedom and creativity which may not have been used elsewhere. Just for fun, let's take a quick take a look at every member's fees.

To start with: sorry Rog, you draw a short straw the chopping room flooring if it was not given this all-band concept. It’s also troublesome to inform if Roger felt that a personalised piece of music would make a monitor listing as an alternative of one other track. Perhaps he had the final giggle, however a decade later his solo album One Of The Boys was greatest bought by every solo Who member.

Ought to I significantly act like Pete Townshend was "just another member, do her part," attempt to write dem songs as a result of I don't buy it. Even with this group offering, Pete continues to be removed from being at this early stage. When different members discovered their seafarers on this album, Townshend fired away and built his first career as a mini-opera: a monumental "A Quick One when he is", a track that mixes a number of songs together into a mega track. A clear plan for their music follows.

Keith Moon is the worst drummer around, I really like him bits. I might write a 10-page dissertation on a ridiculous "Cobwebs and Strange", probably the most Bonkers track which may do it typically on LP LP, and a transparent case why bands won’t ever come to drums to put in writing songs (youngster, youngster) ). If you enter your band Keith Moon if you write, you'll get the marvelous zone from Hell that we hear here. I can't do a lot justice, simply take heed to the Dang thing. It damages your mind, guaranteed.

And eventually we get to the bands that are not so secret weapons: John Entwistle, writer of "Whiskey Man" right here. John gave Pete a authorized run for his money because he was one of the best songwriter within the band, one thing Townshend was observed and was afraid of. His second A Quick One share was the furious "Boris The Spider", which was played by virtually everybody who seems to be out of here and takes the chance to stay in the picturesque Bassist Hall of Fame. It also has the first function of utilizing a murine murmur, so it is neat.

Still the "Whiskey Man" story is simply hair. John laulaa tarinan hänen suosikkijuomaverkostaan: Whisky Man, joka näkyy vain, kun hän hukkaan hauska mehu. He pääsevät yhteen hijinksiin, kunnes heidän juominen shenanigaanit saavat hänet kulkemaan pehmustettuun soluun mustan huumorin kissaan.

Jos he eivät näe viskiäni, he joutuvat sokeiksi

Kaksi miestä pukeutunut valkoinen keräsi minut kaksi päivää sitten
He sanoivat, että on vain tilaa yhdelle ja viski ei voi mennä

Elämä on hyvin synkkä pikku pehmustetussa solussa
On häpeää, ettei viskiä ollut tilaa mies

Whiskyn miehen ystäväni, hän on kanssani melkein koko ajan
Hän liittyy aina minuun, kun juon, ja pääsemme hienosti

Laulun musiikilliset ominaisuudet ovat myös hyvin ilmeisiä. Townshendsin tavalliselle yangille ryhmälle. Se oli myös mukava koskettaa häntä sisällyttämään itseään pelaamaan ranskalaista sarvet laulun keskellä kahdeksan, vain antaen enemmän sarjakuvahahmoa tälle laululle. It’s a disgrace that Entwistle’s songwriting was typically underplayed in later years, I’d additionally advocate his first solo album Smash Your Head Towards The Wall for extra bassy goodness.

*When you take pleasure in The Who and wanna know extra about them, this upcoming Monday (2/4) I’m premiering a brand new Radio collection with The Who’s music as the primary episode. Entrance to Again: The Who’s gonna be the first edition of the Entrance to Back collection, happening the first Monday of every month. You gained’t wanna miss it.


T Bone Burnett


The True False Id (2006)

Zombie reggae for the Workingman’s Lifeless. “Zombieland” plods together with a uniquely felt groove and bizarre instrumentation that provides a smoky aura around the backing band.

I discovered T Bone Burnett on the similar time I’d gotten around to testing Johnny “Guitar” Watson, although not probably the most comparable in tone exactly, it made for a reasonably swell pairing and gave T Bone an opportunity to stake his declare. His full guitar tone actually units the pace for the track, anchoring down a unfastened and free-associative band enjoying with him

I change forwards and backwards between T Bone’s vocals being the center of the music, or if the vocals are solely disembodied from the monitor, it really might go both means. It’s not sure how critical we’re purported to take these lyrics, they range from graveyard spooky, to probably existential in nature. I assume that’s a part of the attract of it, “Zombieland” doesn’t give many solutions but I don’t assume it actually issues.

Press play, and come stomp that Satan beat in Zombieland.


Jackson Browne

“For Everyman”

For Everyman (1973)

We have now reached the top of the printed my associates, and I wish you all farewell with a music For Everyman.

Jackson Browne has music that’s plain as rain to the casual ear but has a surprising amount of talent working the machinery. Browne had been slicing his tooth doing studio work at a surprisingly younger age, Jackson Browne had a extra prolific professional profession by the age of 19 than most musicians would ever dream of in a whole lifetime.

He had by some means landed himself in the actual crowd of “who’s who” in musiciandom, enjoying in the identical company as Bobby Dylan himself and on the long-lasting “These Days” from Warhol celebrity Nico (Which I performed on a broadcast last yr <—-). Take heed to that guitar half. Whether or not you play People fingerstyle guitar or not, you possibly can certainly recognize how spectacular that guitar efficiency is. Much more spectacular, the whole thing of “These Days” was written by him at the tender age of sixteen.

He’d also had the eternal pleasure of writing the Child Boomer anthem to end them all, “Take It Easy”, which was later stripped of all its appeal by The Eagles; I stand with Jackson’s recording of it discovered on this album to the superior model. Similar with Tom Waits and his pitch-perfect “Ol 55” being slapdashedly mangled by The Eagles, give it a break, boys.

There’s a good sufficient comparability to Boz Scaggs someplace in right here, each are superb guitarists turned singer/songwriter who’d discover peak success with the Jazzy Pop-Rock found in the mid-70’s. Taking his further forays into Yacht Rock aside, Jackson’s first three or four albums are simply pure songwriting. A real singer/songwriter for the ages, plunging himself directly to the hearts of what America needs from music. Just it’s primary bones, standing robust.

A fan favourite is his sophomore albums closing monitor, “For Everyman”. The monitor plays out very similar to you’d anticipate from the remainder of the album, albeit with a barely more rushed really feel, giving a sense of anticipation for one thing to return. The phrases ring true and the band performs robust, all coming to a build within the track’s magnificent coda. The outro onward is the gorgeous stuff that People goals are product of, when the band geese down for Jackson’s singular acoustic line the world simply type of stops for a second. The band builds and builds earlier than launching again into what we’d all come right here to see.

A real triumphant option to shut out a document, and a strong enough option to end this episode.


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  • La femme d'argent


    "Moon Safari" -1998

  • Dragonaut


    "Sleep's Holy Mountain" -1992

  • Headache

    Frank Black

    "Teenager Of The Year" -1994

  • Run That Body Down

    Paul Simon

    "Paul Simon" -1972

  • Working In The Coal Mine


    "New Traditionalists" -1981

  • Paint By Number Coronary heart

    Martha and the Muffins

    "Metro Music" -1980

  • Dee

    Ozzy Osbourne

    "Blizzard of Ozz" -1980

  • Ship Me A Postcard

    Surprising Blue

    "Scorpio's Dance" -1970

  • No one Is aware of You When You're Down And Out

    Bessie Smith

    *Single -1929

  • The Letter -Stay

    Massive Star

    "Nobody Can Dance -Rehearsals and Live Recordings" -1999

  • Angel Eyes

    The 4 Freshmen

    "Four Freshmen and 5 Trombones" -1955

  • Whiskey Man

    The Who

    "A Quick One" -196

  • Zombieland

    T Bone Burnett

    "The True False Identity" -2006

  • For Everyman

    Jackson Browne

    "For Everyman" -1972

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