Cisco Powered Services Specializations

Showcase your managed service expertise

Declare your ability to successfully build, provision, manage, and support managed services built on Cisco technologies.


Cisco Powered Services specializations are the cornerstone of the Provider role in the Cisco Partner Program. They help you to unlock enhanced benefits that increase profitability, offset costs, and differentiate your managed service offers.

Why get specialized?

Cisco Powered Services specializations are an eligibility requirement for the Gold and Premier levels in the Provider role. They unlock more benefits and value to help you build your managed service practice.

Proven blueprints

Each specialization includes a detailed blueprint that provides a complete picture of service requirements and the user experience.

Addressing customer outcomes

Combine your managed service expertise with Cisco technology to solve your customer’s most pressing challenges.

Enhanced differentiation

Differentiate your brand with Cisco Powered logo, visibility in the Partner Locator, and more engagement with Cisco sellers.

Increased rewards

Unlock enhanced benefits and rewards and offset costs with Market Development Funds and increased incentives.

Market opportunity


Total Addressable Market (TAM) opportunity for products bundled with managed services.

Source: Cisco market model with leading research firm, 2023.


potential share of Cisco products sold with managed services, making it our largest route to market opportunity and key to the shift to as-a-Service.

Source: Cisco market model with leading research firm, 2023.


of customers say they are utilizing managed services more frequently in the last 3 years

Source: Gartner 2023

Steps to Success

Explore Provider role benefits

Capture the rewards that accelerate your growth. Review the advantages you can earn.

Showcase your achievement

Differentiate your value in the market with Cisco Powered Services specialization logo.

Drive demand

Accelerate your time to market with ready-to-use content, customizable campaigns, and other marketing services.

Specializations to power hybrid work

Cisco Powered Cloud Calling

Deliver a robust cloud unified communication service with a flexible consumption model.

Cisco Powered Webex Contact Center

Offer a native contact center solution that enables security, visibility, flexibility, and scalability.

In addition to the two specializations above, you may be interested in viewing the requirements for Cisco Powered Business Communications, Cisco Powered Contact Center as a Service Based on HCS, Cisco Powered Unified Communications as a Service Based on HCS, Cisco Powered Unified Contact Center, and Cisco Powered Webex for BroadWorks.

Specializations to secure the enterprise

Cisco Powered Cloud Managed Security

Provide a multitenant, subscription-based security service for hosted and managed models.

Cisco Powered Meraki Security

Cisco Powered Meraki Security service gives customers powerful security with flexibility and efficiency using Meraki cloud.

Cisco Powered Intelligent Workspace

Build a portfolio of smart cameras and environmental sensors to secure any premise.

Cisco Powered Managed Firewall

Build end-to-end firewall solutions to quickly resolve, preempt, and prevent security software issues.


Deliver XDR as a managed service detecting and responding to the most sophisticated threats.

Specializations to transform infrastructure

Cisco Powered Catalyst SD-WAN

Connect dispersed locations and multicloud environments securely and redundantly as a cloud-managed service. 

Cisco Powered Meraki SD-WAN

Deliver automated, hybrid WAN services with a cloud-based, multitenant solution.

Cisco Powered Meraki Access

Deliver a managed LAN service and/or a managed WLAN service to connect users and devices.

Cisco Powered Campus Access

Deliver a managed LAN or managed WLAN service built on Cisco Catalyst Center.

Campus Access Sustainability add-on

Deliver a managed service based on Cisco Powered Campus Access that helps organizations meet their sustainability goals.

Cisco Powered SASE

Deliver a rich, integrated set of cloud-based networking and security services.

Cisco Powered Hybrid Cloud

Provide an on-premise private cloud or hybrid cloud service that can be centrally managed.

Cisco Powered Sovereign Cloud

Provide an on-premise private or air-gapped cloud service that maintains compliance and a public cloud-like experience. 

Cisco Powered Private 5G

Build ultra-low-latency and highly available access for networks or devices (coming soon).

Specializations to reimagine applications

Cisco Powered Full-Stack Observability (FSO)

Deliver managed services that take advantage of data-driven user experience and insights to build better business outcomes.

Get a Cisco Powered Services specialization

1. Create service: Decide which managed service offer you want to pursue.

2. Prepare: Review the Cisco Powered Service specialization requirements.

3. Demonstrate: Showcase your capabilities to Cisco or a third party.

4. Apply: Go to Program Management and Application (PMA) to submit your Cisco Powered Service validation.

5. Generate demand: Take advantage of resources to accelerate demand.

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For training in general, see the Cisco Training page.

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