Case Study: Colliers

Office space redefined

Colliers plans the office of the future with user insight based on real-time analytics, powered through the app and Meraki network.



  • Gain visibility into the changing usage of office space
  • Inform dynamic decision making with real-time analytics
  • Facilitate consistent results across all offices
  • Provide a safe return to the office



  • Safe return to office with clear occupancy rate controls
  • Hotspots and quiet spaces revealed
  • Physical office space redefined
  • A platform for smart facilities management established
  • Machine-learning algorithms fine-tuned

What they're saying

Many companies are already on a journey towards healthier, more sustainable workplaces. We can create offices that are more productive, more of a destination, and the type of places that people are prepared to travel to work and connect with colleagues.

JanJaap Boogaard, Head of Workplace Advisory EMEA, Director Corporate Solutions, Colliers

Who is Colliers?

Industry: Real Estate
Location: London, UK
Size: 18,000