The People and Technologies Propelling SMBs

Women in Leadership

Connectivity and cloud-based digital tools are bolstering women’s professional aspirations. This issue of SMB dynamo features the experiences of leaders at companies of all sizes, in their communities, and in traditionally male-dominated industries.

Spotlight: Women take the lead

Whether launching SMBs or climbing corporate ladders, women are seizing control of their professional destinies like never before—and helping others make similar strides.

Digital journeys

Inside a workplace that transformed for collaboration

Flagler Technologies offers insights into how offices can change for hybrid work.

The importance of accessibility and affordability

Technology helped Adrian Coulter's small business take XL steps forward.

Sweet relief: Online shift sparks business boom

The Karameller candy shop successfully pivots into a delicious new sales model.

Expert perspectives

Essential strategies to fortify security for hybrid work

Cisco cybersecurity expert Mike Storm offers four important pieces of advice.

Bridging the digital divide: A mission born from experience

Ivory Robinson advocates for more tech awareness within underserved communities.

How to harness consumer trust for competitive advantage

University researcher Dr. Michael Rosemann discusses how trust impacts retail.

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Celebrating the ingenuity and perseverance of entrepreneurs and innovators—and the Cisco partners who help their success—SMB dynamo explores their unique journeys and offers insights to help them thrive.

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Cloud-based Sustainability and Growth

The cloud powers smarter, more resilient, and more sustainable SMBs around the world. Explore how they connect U.S. food producers, simplify compliance in the Netherlands, infuse dining experiences in Korea, and more.

Technology Trends

  • Agribusiness connects for climate resiliency

Digital Journeys

  • Serving up new dining experiences in Korea
  • A Dutch MSP’s automated compliance reporting

Expert Perspectives

  • Simple ways to support SMB sustainability
  • How the cloud powers advanced food production

Securing Against Rising Threats

  • Prioritizing security as cyber attacks escalate
  • Why to adopt “zero trust” security
  • How to make passwords more secure 

Digital journeys

  • What it takes to recover from a cyber attack
  • How to protect digitized production lines

Expert perspectives

  • How to reduce cybersecurity insurance premiums 
  • What you need to battle ransomware
  • Assess your security like a hacker

Adapting to hybrid work

  • Embracing the new normal of hybrid work
  • Q&A: Optimizing technology and processes for hybrid work
  • How retailers are adapting to accelerated change 

Digital journeys

  • Transformation of a workplace into a collaboration space 

Expert perspectives

  • Essential strategies to fortify security for hybrid work
  • Simplifying hybrid work with five advanced Webex features
  • Making the most of your virtual meeting background

Overlooked financing options for technology investments

2022 Retail Special Edition

Technology Trends

  • How retailers are adapting to accelerated change
  • Key capabilities that power retail agility

Digital Journeys

  • Advanced technologies are increasingly affordable
  • A systematic approach to achieving legendary customer experiences

Expert Perspectives

  • How retailers harness consumer trust for competitive advantage

Overlooked financing options for technology

Bridging digital and societal divides

Technology Trends

  • Educating the next wave of technologists
  • Advanced technologies are increasingly affordable

Expert Perspectives

  • Confronting the digital literacy crisis
  • Crossing the digital divide

Digital Journeys

  • Network provides essential lifeline for at-risk youth
  • Collaboration technologies helping save lives

The importance of security in times of crisis

People and Technologies Propelling SMBs

Technology Trends

  • SMBs get help and find light at the end of a long tunnel
  • Cloud-based security proves essential
  • 72% of SMBs are accelerating technology adoption

Digital Journeys

  • Revamping an IT model without budget, staff, or time
  • Shifting to online sales leads to business boom
  • Drone startup flies high with new network
  • Breaking B2B services into bite-sized chunks
  • Expert Perspectives
  • Learning from past disruptions, preparing for the next

Transforming an in-person business model to digital-first

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