THE WITCHER Is Getting a New Novel

Author Andrzej Sapkowski published the last book in The Witcher world 2013 with Season of Storms. That book was a standalone prequel of sorts set between The Witcher short stories and The Last Wish and told the story of one of Geralt’s monster-hunting contracts that went wrong. To be fair, most of his contracts seem to go wrong in one way or another. Anyway, it turns out Season of Storms is not the end of Sapkowski’s writings in the Continent. Sapkowski said in a livestream with Fantastic Talks that he’s been working on a new Witcher book “quite diligently.” He said that finishing the book should take him around a year, but no longer.

Henry Cavill sitting in a brown leather chair reading a book in The Witcher series

We first saw this news at Polygon (with translation from Redanian Intelligence). Sapkowski has said more than once the main Witcher series ended with The Lady of the Lake (published in 1999). He won’t write additional books about those events after the series’ conclusion. Then Season of Storms came in 2013. We heard in 2020 that the author had plans for a new Witcher, but this has been the most concrete update since.

Given what Sapkowski has said about the main Witcher series being done, we don’t expect a continuation of that story. The Lady of the Lake wraps Ciri’s story, with the character jumping to the world of Camelot. Yes, that Camelot. Given that, Sapkowski likely will leave the series as is. Perhaps we’ll get another short story collection or another standalone tale about one of Geralt’s many adventures.

If Sapkowski’s new Witcher book does publish in 2024 or 2025, we hope the English translation won’t take too long to follow. It’s kind of fitting to have this new Witcher novel on the horizon as Netflix is on the precipice of a major change in its adaptation. Season three of the series recently ended, and season four will see Liam Hemsworth take the place of Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia.

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