Cisco 500 Series WPAN Industrial Routers

Deploy enterprise-class WPAN communications

Cisco 500 Series wireless personal area network (WPAN) industrial routers provide unlicensed 915-MHz industrial, scientific, and medical band WPAN communications. They help enable a diverse set of Internet of Things applications, including smart metering, smart grids, distribution automation, supervisory control and data acquisition, and street lighting.

Features and benefits

Key hardware and software capabilities

These routers have a rugged industrial hardware design and a highly resilient architecture. They increase the uptime of communications networks and grid availability to help ensure message delivery. Choose from multiple platforms.

Distribution automation gateway platform

Built to withstand harsh environments, the IR510 model provides enterprise-class RF mesh connectivity to Ethernet- and serial-enabled IoT devices like recloser controls, cap bank controls, and voltage regulator controls.

Range-extender platform

The ruggedized IR529 model platforms provide range extension functionality to enhance the RF mesh reliability by adding paths and nodes. They also enable connectivity in low-end point density deployments.