Cisco Catalyst IR8100 Heavy Duty Series Routers

Modular, IP67-rated, 5G industrial router

These secure, multiaccess routers are built for many years in the field, delivering public and private LTE, 5G, Wi-SUN, and more. Their fully modular design means easy upgrades. With their support for Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN, edge compute, and battery backup, you don't just get a new router. You get enhanced security and tools for better business outcomes.

Features and benefits

Ready for the outdoors

They're IP67-rated for dust and water protection. They're built for extreme temperatures. The Catalyst IR8100 Series routers can be installed in the harshest of environments.

Modules for 5G, Private LTE, and more

The Catalyst IR8100 might be the last outdoor router you'll need. It's fully modular and upgradable onsite. Add 5G, backup batteries, power supply, and even a new CPU whenever you need it.

Converge technologies

Combine 5G, public and private LTE, Wi-SUN, and more—with adaptability for future connectivity. And it's all from a single router.

Multilayered security

From its manufacturing process to its physical locking design to its numerous software cybersecurity features, the IR8100 Series brings enterprise grade security to your most demanding environments

Scale with choice of management

Scale and simplify operations. Equip IT and operations teams with powerful management tools such as IoT Operations Dashboard, Field Network Director, Cisco Catalyst Center, and Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN Manager.

Take action right at the edge

Use the platform's built-in Cisco IOx edge compute to build and run your own applications at the edge.


Choose the right Catalyst IR8100 model for your edge needs.


  • 1 Gigabit copper
  • 1 Gigabit fiber/SFP
  • 3 additional I/O slot
  • AC powered
  • 12V DC for external devices


  • PoE enabled chassis
  • 1 Gigabit copper with PoE output
  • 1 Gigabit fiber/SFP
  • 3 additional I/O slots
  • AC powered
  • 12V DC for external devices

Use cases


Use the IR8100 for grid modernization, advanced metering infrastructure, distribution automation, and demand response.

Connected communities

Securely connect mission-critical assets to help ensure public safety.


Connect remote assets and use the built-in edge compute capabilities of the IR8100 to make roadways and intersections safer.

Oil, gas, and mining

Gain visibility into and control over remote mission-critical assets to increase operational efficiency.

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