Cisco Catalyst IR8300 Rugged Series Router

Your 5G, all-in-one routing and switching platform

The Catalyst IR8300 is designed to provide outstanding performance and modularity for mission-critical applications deployed in industrial environments. It supports robust cybersecurity, Cisco Edge Intelligence, 5G, Catalyst SD-WAN, and more. Speed and scale are pillars of the IR8300 - it's the first Catalyst to integrate Cisco QuantumFlow and Unified Access Data Plane Technologies.

Substation automation customers:
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Features and benefits

Enhanced, multilayer security

Add advanced cybersecurity to your industrial environments with Unified Threat Defense, Cisco Cyber Vision, and more.

Lower TCO

The IR8300 is an integrated routing and switching platform. It's easily upgradeable with modules for public and private 4G LTE, 5G, and more.

Secure scalability with Catalyst SD-WAN

Get enterprise-grade security and network policies to connect reliably and securely, using Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN Manager for Catalyst SD-WAN.

Taking action right at the edge

Use the platform’s built-in Cisco IOx edge compute to build and run your own applications at the edge.

Precision timing source

Synchronize network resources that host highly time-sensitive applications.


The IR8300 meets substation compliance standards, including IEEE 1613 and IEC 61850-3.

Use cases


Substation automation: Meet the communications needs of energy-delivery infrastructure across the generation, transmission, and distribution sectors.

Oil and Gas: Midstream

Provide secure, scalable traffic aggregation at pumping stations.


Aggregate roadside or trackside cabinets. The Catalyst IR8300 can serve as a regional hub router.

2023 IoT Breakthrough Award

Cisco Catalyst IR8300 Rugged Series Router wins the Industrial IoT Innovation of the Year award in the annual IoT Breakthrough Awards program.


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