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Build a smart and secure factory, ready for Industry 4.0 manufacturing

Smart manufacturing for the modern age

Harness the potential of Industry 4.0 with advanced IT solutions for OT

Use intelligent Cisco solutions to automate your industrial networks, secure your operations, improve IT and operational technology (OT) collaboration, and make your manufacturing smarter.

Produce more, adapt faster, with ease

Boost manufacturing innovations and efficiency with a resilient, scalable, and flexible industrial network that only Cisco can deliver. 

Build a wireless network that gets it done

Improve flexibility by connecting your vehicles and mobile assets using 5G, ultra-reliable wireless backhaul, or Wi-Fi. Cisco has it all and can help you choose the right wireless technology for your factory.

Protect your operations with your network

Get visibility into assets, enforce segmentation to build ISA/IEC62443 zones and conduits, and obtain zero-trust remote access with a Cisco industrial network that has cybersecurity built in, not bolted on.

Make your operations data work for you

Empower your applications with real-time data from your factory assets. A Cisco industrial network can help you to select, extract, transform, and securely transport data from your factory floor to your multicloud.

Get more productivity with less downtime. And get better cross-team collaboration.

New opportunities to improve manufacturing

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Industrial automation

Connect your industrial control systems and production assets to a flexible, automated factory network.

Industrial cybersecurity

See into your connected assets and network traffic, contain threats, and enable secure remote access.

Industrial IoT sensors

Optimize preventive maintenance of manufacturing assets with industrial sensors that monitor production processes. 

Industrial mobility

Get an ultra-reliable wireless network for mobile equipment and improve production flexibility.

Industrial data orchestration

Get new insights for better production decisions with data from your assets.

Secure remote access

Give your vendors and staff secure, simple remote access for monitoring, managing, and updating production assets.

Industrial Ethernet switches

Get simplicity and safety when you connect your production assets with our managed layer 2 and layer 3 switches. 

Industrial wireless

Make mobile technology work for you with comprehensive wireless connectivity portfolio.

Cisco Cyber Vision

Gain deep visibility into your assets and network traffic. Stop threats and secure your operations.

Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE)

Define segmentation policies for creating zones and conduits that your network can enforce to contain threats.

Cisco Secure Equipment Access

Keep remote access to your operations safe, scalable, and controlled.

Cisco Edge Intelligence

Get data-driven insights and make better decisions with real-time data collection built into your network.

Cisco Catalyst Center

Automate, monitor, and protect your production network with an intelligent network management system.

Cisco IoT Operations Dashboard

Enable cloud-delivered OT services that help you to eliminate point solutions and do more with your network. 

Cisco Industrial Asset Vision

Simplify asset and facility monitoring and gather real-time process data for better maintenance. 

Rockwell Automation

Developed, tested, and proven network architectures to accelerate your transition to smart manufacturing.

Schneider Electric

Solutions built in collaboration to turn the promise of industrial IoT into reality.

On-demand Cisco manufacturing webinar

Join factory networking experts to learn about smart manufacturing challenges and solutions.

On-demand webinar on CPwE architecture

Learn about Converged Plantwide Ethernet architecture and its new enhancements for broader visibility and better resiliency.

Cisco manufacturing at Cisco Live U.S. 2023

Get key insights from some of the largest manufacturers in the world with our summit takeaways. 

Cisco manufacturing at Hannover Messe 2023

Discover how Cisco is preparing for a sustainable tomorrow with innovative solutions.

On-demand webinar on industrial cybersecurity

Start your compliance journey by understanding how IEC 62443-3 defines the foundational requirements for securing IACS.

On-demand webinar on industrial mobility

Learn about differing wireless technologies and how to select the best one for your needs.


Create the factory of the future

Cisco manufacturing products and services are helping to digitize factories by using Industry 4.0 and IIoT innovations.

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Automate your factory network

Get work done while you sleep. Automate networking tasks through Cisco Catalyst Center (formerly Cisco DNA Center).

Benefit from validated architectures

Erase deployment risk through tested and proven Cisco manufacturing network architectures.

Empower your network to secure operations

Deploy OT security at scale with visibility, enforcement, and ZTNA gateway embedded into your network equipment.

Comply with ISA/IEC 62443

Understand the requirements of the ISA/IEC 62443 cybersecurity standards and start your journey to compliance.

Choose a wireless network that works

Don’t force-fit. We compare available wireless technologies to help you select the right fit.

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See how much you can gain with industrial IoT innovations through Cisco products and solutions.

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