Industrial networking software

Unlock more value from your Cisco Enterprise Agreement

Use your Cisco Enterprise Agreement to procure the Cisco software you need to help modernize your operations.


  • Networking and security: Enjoy advanced industrial networking, SD-WAN, management, visibility, and security software with a simple single integrated enterprise licensing agreement.
  • Across portfolios: Use a single licensing agreement to obtain software for your IoT, enterprise, security, and other needs, with the freedom to shift investments within or across portfolios.
  • Increased agility: Centralize and automate management tasks, enable end-to-end visibility, protect from threats, and allow secure connectivity to cloud applications.
  • Unparalleled value: Enjoy economies of scale, predictable pricing, high-value service upgrades, and regular expert guidance—all in one easy-to-manage contract.

What's included:

  • Cisco DNA for Switching software subscription for Cisco Catalyst IE3200 Rugged Series, Catalyst IE3300 Rugged Series, Catalyst IE3400 Rugged Series, Catalyst IE3400 Heavy Duty Series, IE4000 Series (12 and 24 ports), IE4010 Series, IE5000 Series, and Catalyst IE9300 Rugged Series switches
  • Cisco DNA for Routing and SD-WAN software subscription for Catalyst IR1100 Rugged Series, Catalyst IR1800 Rugged Series, Catalyst IR8100 Heavy Duty Series, and Catalyst IR8300 Rugged Series routers.
  • Cisco Cyber Vision license on supported Industrial Ethernet Switches and Industrial Routers.

This ongoing offer is available globally.

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