Supply Chain Sustainability

Making the world a better place with technology begins with how that technology is made. And, at Cisco, we lead by example.

Our global operations

Cisco's sourcing and manufacturing operations are entirely outsourced to a global network of hundreds of suppliers and partners. Our sustainability requirements are embedded in our supply chain business processes to help ensure continuous improvement and drive impactful change.

Social and environmental responsibility

Supplier code of conduct

As a founding member of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), Cisco adopted the RBA Code of Conduct as our Supplier code of conduct. We require suppliers to ensure these standards are reflected throughout the supply chain. We view suppliers as partners, and work to build and maintain a resilient and socially responsible supply chain together.

Environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability is a key criterion in our assessment of suppliers. We expect suppliers to publicly report greenhouse gas emissions and reduction targets to CDP on an annual basis. We also expect our Tier 1 suppliers to publish information on the environmental impact of their operations and those of their suppliers, with the intent to continuously improve.

Responsible minerals policy

Our products use a variety of materials, including minerals such as tantalum, tin, tungsten, and gold. We are committed to sourcing materials from companies that share our values regarding human rights and environmental sustainability, and work with the Responsible Minerals Initiative to drive cross-industry ethical sourcing of minerals as stated in Cisco's Responsible Minerals Policy.

Power behind Cisco sustainability efforts

Meet our Champions of Sustainability, a cohort of Supply Chain and Global Procurement Services employees who advance sustainable and ethical practices as part of their daily responsibilities. 

Circular economy

Our holistic approach extends from how we design, build, and deliver products, to how we value the assets we have and turn them into new products. We also apply Cisco technology to support our customers in their own circular transformations.

How it is made matters

The Cisco Supplier Guide emphasizes areas of importance with regard to sustainability, risk, and security while highlighting opportunities to collaborate. 

Using blockchain in the minerals supply chain

Extracting and refining mineral ore can bring severe risk to human rights and the environment. It is difficult for companies to address supply chain risks without insight into the mineral's origin.

ESG Reporting Hub and 2023 Cisco Purpose Report

Cisco is putting people, technology, and resources toward Powering an Inclusive Future for All, where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. Visit our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Reporting Hub.