The Cisco Takeback and Reuse Program

Simple. Secure. Sustainable.

Environmentally sound. Zero cost.

The Cisco Takeback and Reuse Program lets Cisco equipment owners return hardware that has reached end-of-use, at no cost. This includes equipment branded by companies acquired by Cisco.

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Cisco Returns Program

Available in 100+ countries globally. If your equipment can be powered on, submit your return request through our web platform and schedule pickup. Enter serial numbers or product IDs to get end-to-end visibility of your return.

Send IT Back mobile app

Available in the United States, United Kingdom, and all European Union countries. If your equipment can be powered on, use our iOS or Android apps to photograph packaged products and schedule pickup.

Customer Recycling Solutions

Available globally. If your equipment cannot be powered on, use our webform to submit your request and an agent will arrange pickup. 

For more information on all Cisco returns options, visit the Cisco Returns Portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out answers to common questions about Cisco's Takeback and Reuse Program.


Easy, convenient, and free. Choose the option that best meets your needs or call 1 844 973 8876 (U.S. only) to schedule an equipment pickup by Cisco.


Returned equipment is stored in a secure location and data is cleared from returned hard drives to protect data security.


We reuse and recycle 99.9% of what is returned to us, which helps our customers meet their sustainability goals and ensures responsible disposition of equipment.

Cisco Takeback and Reuse Program

All equipment returned to Cisco is decommissioned in an environmentally safe manner.

Our processes comply with all applicable regulations.

All Cisco products are accepted, and non-branded products are accepted with pre-approval.

We clear data from all returned hard drives.

We offer receipts for your return, regardless of which tool you use.

The Cisco Takeback and Reuse Program. Our commitment to the circular economy.

Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins signed the Capital Equipment Pledge, committing to provide 100% product return, pickup, and transport—worldwide, at no cost.

Cisco Refresh

Cisco Refresh is a cost-effective, sustainable way to leverage Cisco products. Products are fully remanufactured and certified. Critical upgrades are completed and all equipment is under standard warranty.