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Data and Analytics Software

Access your data from anywhere and analyze it closer to where it is created to fuel innovation and accelerate your digital transformation.

Overview: Data and Analytics

Cisco Edge Fog Fabric

  • Processing completed where most appropriate; accommodates a wide variety of distributed/IoT data
  • Enable use of data now or later, as needed, to improve operations and optimize processes
  • Well-tested system, validated design, and proven methodology ideal for the requirements of IoT systems
  • Connect data automatically, in a unique, flexible, and repeatable way, where it's needed, in business context

Process Platforms

Connect widely distributed systems of applications, infrastructure, and devices so you can streamline and automate process workflows.

Overview: Process Platforms

Service Exchange Platform

  • Develop and implement new applications quickly, and reduce time to market
  • Offer business process and automation as a service in both enterprise business-to-business and marketplace exchange settings
  • Deploy and connect to cloud and enterprise applications
  • Reduce cost, complexity, and risk of sharing applications and information

Experience Platforms

Improve customer experiences based on real-time information. Enrich mobile, kiosks, and more to connect with customers, patients, and citizens.

Overview: Experience Platforms

Cisco Enterprise Mobility Services Platform

  • Quickly build context-aware mobile experiences using drag-and-drop design tools
  • Simplify Internet access and authentication with custom or social Wi-Fi access
  • Send personalized notifications to visitors based on their real-time location
  • Easily integrate mobile experiences with your existing native apps using SDKs

Connect Data, Process, and People

Access and analyze data from any location and act on real-time insights.

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Digitize Your Business for Success

Gain insights and take action in a hyper-distributed world.