The 10 Best STARS WARS REBELS Episodes

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Star Wars Rebels was the successor series to Star Wars: The Clone Wars, so when it premiered in 2014, it had big shoes to fill. We can safely say it wound up filling those shoes very nicely and become one of the most beloved parts of Star Wars canon. Although the series ended in 2018, the upcoming Star Wars: Ahsoka series is very much a spiritual sequel to Star Wars Rebels. Not only was Anakin’s former apprentice a key character in the show’s second season, but Ahsoka will also feature Rebels characters like Sabine Wren, Hera Syndulla, Ezra Bridger, and Grand Admiral Thrawn as main characters. So with Ahsoka fast approaching, here are some of the very best episodes of Star Wars Rebels.

“Fire Across the Galaxy” Season One, Episode 15

Kanan and the Grand Inquisitor fight in the season one finale of Star Wars Rebels.

Much like Clone Wars before it, Rebels took some time to find its sea legs (space legs?). But the season one finale showed fans just what this show could be when firing on all thrusters. As the crew of the Ghost go on a mission to rescue Kanan from the Empire, the former Jedi and his apprentice Ezra face the Grand Inquisitor one last time. If all that wasn’t enough, this episode features the return of both Ahsoka Tano and Darth Vader, making for one hell of a memorable cliffhanger.

“The Siege of Lothal” Season Two, Episodes 1 and 2

Darth Vader fights Kanan and Ezra in the Rebels season two opening two parter.

In the second season’s two-part opener, Darth Vader is finally summoned to deal with the rebel problem on Lothal. Not only do we get to see him in a lightsaber fight with both Kanan and Ezra, where he pretty much wipes the floor with them, but we also get the first hint outside of A New Hope that reminds us that Vader is the best pilot in the galaxy. The great James Earl Jones returns to voice Vader, making this extra special.

“The Honorable Ones” Season Two, Episode 17

Zeb and Kallus go from enemies to allies in the Star Wars Rebels episode The Honorable Ones.

When the Ghost’s resident Lasat Zeb Orrelios and Imperial Agent Kallus both wind up stranded on a frozen moon, these two mortal enemies have to set aside their differences and find a way to work together to stay alive until they are rescued. A riff on the ’80s sci-fi movie Enemy Mine, this episode begins a compelling arc for Kallus over the course of the series, as he realizes the Empire he serves isn’t what he thought it was. It kicks off one of the Star Wars saga’s better redemption arcs.

“Twilight of the Apprentice” Season Two, Episodes 21 and 22

Ahsoka fights Darth Vader in Rebels' Twilight of the Apprentice.

Once Rebels revealed Ahsoka had indeed survived Order 66, the question on the minds of every fan was “Will Ahsoka ever meet Darth Vader??” And if so, will she realize that he’s her former master, Anakin Skywalker? The confrontation fans had waited years for happens in these episodes, and it absolutely does not disappoint. And as if all that wasn’t enough, we also get to see the return of Darth Maul, who tries to take on Ezra as his apprentice. This is one chapter that really has it all and a truly crucial piece of the overall Star Wars canon.

“Steps into Shadow” Season Three, Episodes 1 and 2

Ezra Bridger flirts with the dark side in Rebels' Steps Into Shadow.

This hour-long season three opener finds the crew of the Ghost much different from when we’d last encountered them. Kanan Jarrus is now blind, and Ezra Bridger has grown up some and become more powerful in the Force. But the status quo of the crew changes in this episode, as this one introduces us to the beloved Expanded Universe character Grand Admiral Thrawn. It also gives us a new wrinkle to the mythology of Force users, as we meet the Bendu, who is neither light nor dark side in nature.

“Through Imperial Eyes” Season Three, Episode 17

Grand Admiral Thrawn plots the destruction of the Ghost crew in Star Wars Rebels.

Ever since Agent Kallus switched sides and became the Rebel Alliance’s informant Fulcrum (taking over the title from Ahsoka), it was a ticking clock on whether he’d be discovered by the Empire. While he has almost everyone fooled, there’s one Imperial he can’t pull a fast one on: Thrawn. Not only is this a great episode to show how much Kallus has grown since the beginning of the series, but also reminds us that Thrawn is not anyone to be underestimated.

“Twin Suns” Season Three, Episode 20

Obi-Wan Kenobi fights Darth Maul one last time in Rebels' Twin Suns.

Another dangling plot thread left over from Clone Wars involved Darth Maul and his mission to destroy the man who took everything from him… starting with his lower torso. Once learning Obi-Wan is alive, Maul’s focuses on finding Kenobi and exacting his revenge once and for all. Although Ezra tries to warn him on Tatooine, Obi-Wan knows facing Maul alone one last time is his destiny. It’s a truly emotional end to one of Star Wars‘ most famous rivalries.

“Jedi Night” Season Four, Episode 10

Kanan Jarrus goes out like a hero in the Rebels episode Jedi Night.

We knew that Kanan had to become one with the Force by the series’ end—at least for the continuity of the Original Trilogy to make sense. But when Kanan valiantly sacrifices his life for the good of the galaxy and to save his friends, you try not to cry and get all emotional. This was a truly heroic sendoff for such an iconic character not only in Rebels, but all of Star Wars.

“A World Between Worlds” Season Four, Episode 13

Ezra Bridger faces the World Between Worlds on the Star Wars Rebels episode of the same name.

When an ancient temple is discovered on Lothal, Ezra enters it and discovers the World Between Worlds, a strange dimension where all time coexists. There, he finds out he can use the portals within it to change history. Will he save his master Kanan? Or does he rescue someone else from certain death? This episode is chock-full of amazing Easter eggs for Star Wars fans. It played a big role in Ahsoka’s path heading into her own series.

“Family Reunion”/”Farewell” Season Four, Episodes 15 and 16

Ahsoka appears to Sabine in the closing moments of the Rebels series finale.

Unlike Clone Wars, Dave Filoni got to end Star Wars Rebels on its own terms. And what an ending it was! Ezra steps up and became the Jedi that Kanan always knew he could be. They finally put the strife on Lothal to rest when the planet rises up against the Empire. Of course, this episode has one of the best epilogues ever. It showed fans what happened to the surviving members of the Ghost crew after Return of the Jedi, but still left enough questions to have us all begging for more. We’ll find out exactly what that “more” is when Ahsoka finally premieres.

Originally published on January 31, 2019.

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